Caravan / Camping

Caravans - all the comfort of your own home but in a different part of the country every weekend! Depending on your budget and size requirements, today’s caravans range from cosy to all-out luxury. The majority of caravans have a single axle and are between 3 and 6.5 metres long inside. Depending on the interior layout, they can sleep between two and six people. They normally have a washroom, usually with a toilet, basin and shower, and a kitchen area equipped with a sink, hob, work surfaces and other necessities.

Camping - remember those long, hot summer holidays when you were a youngster. The smell of grass, freedom to play outside all day, discovering new places and making new friends. Maybe you camped with the Scouts or Guides, or just with friends and family. If you want to recreate those memories… …get started in camping. For the same or less than a week’s family holiday in a hotel abroad, you could buy a tent, equipment and a whole stash of camping accessories to make your camping trip more comfortable. After that initial outlay, you can take the whole family camping whenever the spirit takes you – all at an incredibly low cost. You’ll save a fortune and make the most out of every weekend and every school holiday.

There are several caravan and camping sites in the vicinity of Macclesfield (see the Links page for details):

Wild Boar Inn

1 acre site at Wincle.

Common Barn Farm

250 acre farm site at Rainow.

Jarman Farm Campsite

Camping and Caravanning Club Certificated Site at Sutton, Macclesfield.

Strawberry Wood Caravan Park

25 pitch site at Lower Withington.