February 2015: Email received from Marian: I just wanted to say thank you for the downloadable route directions and maps on your website. I came across your site whilst searching for walks in the area and as a fairly hopeless navigator, I found your directions for the Rainow, Lamaload, Walker Barn walk easy to follow and accurate. A thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours was spent in this beautiful part of Cheshire. I will certainly be using your resources again.

January 2013: There have now been over 1000 downloads of the map for walk 1 (Teggs Nose) and the route card for walk 3 (Shutlingsloe and Wildboarclough) - these are obviously the most popular walking routes. Coming a close second are walk 2 (Over Alderley to Alderley Edge) and walk 9 (Alderley Edge to Bradford Lane), at just under 1000 downloads each. I've received no comments for any of the walk or cycle routes, so I'm assuming that all those people who've downloaded my walk and cycle routes have found them clear enough! But please pass me any comments if you have found any of my route directions not clear enough. Thanks to all those people who have continued to support my website by downloading my walk and cycle routes. 2012 was a difficult year, as my wife passed away at the end of 2011, so it's great that my Macclesfield Outdoors website has continued to be so popular during that time.

July 2012: Email received from Sheila: Hi Neville - Just stumbled upon your website. I have lived in Macclesfield all my life and love walking. It looks great and we look forward to trying out your ideas. Thanks a lot, Sheila

February 2012: Email received from Liz: I just wanted to thank you for this website (and not charging for it!) - my friend and I have thoroughly enjoyed following your walks in and around Macclesfield, the directions are up to date and easy for even us amateurs to follow!

December 2011: I have just completed a walking guide book “Walks from the Vale Inn”, which contains 18 guided walks from the Vale Inn in Bollington. The book is on sale at the Vale Inn only, priced £9.95.

November 2011: The following walk details have been updated following changes discovered on the routes: Rainow and Kerridge, Rainow and Bollington, Bollington to Adlington, Bollington to Lyme Park. Eg. fences replaced with walls, new access through farm yard, stream converted into ponds, new gates etc.

July 2011: All walking and cycling routes have been updated so that there is only one change of direction per waypoint. GPX files have been updated to reduce waypoint to maximum 30 characters, for older GPS units.

January 2011: All cycling routes are being updated with a better map, clearer route card, and a downloadable GPX file.

December 2010: Added separate pages for angling, canoeing and canal boating.

October 2010: All walk routes are being updated with a better map, clearer route card, and a downloadable GPX file.

January 2010: New pub walk added, from Poachers Inn in Bollington. Vale Inn pub walk expanded to give selection of short, medium or long walks.

November 2009: Email received from Mr. D.Ireland: My wife and I are visiting Macclesfield this weekend. We have found your site absolutely fantastic..a veritable mine of information which is so clearly presented. Thank you very much.

July 2009: Three pub walks have been added to the Walks section, together with a longer distance walk.

October 2008: Two new walking routes (12 and 13) have been added.

August 2008: All walking routes have been revisited and updated as necessary, having found that two footpaths have been diverted (on walk 4).

July 2008: I have found that when Macc Outdoors is visited, the walking pages are visited the most often, with cycling routes second and rock climbing third! There are 11 walks at present, and 2 cycling routes, so I will add more cycling routes soon. As for rock climbing, I need to see if there are any local clubs that want promoting.

March 2008: Added a link to Transport Direct to each walk, which supplies directions from a chosen starting point to the start of the route. The directions supplied are by public transport or by car.

March 2008: Email received from Macclesfield Forum “Congratulations on your new Web site - well done! It's well organised, comprehensive and great to look at!”

October 2007: Met John Sellors who runs the excellent Nice Nosh refreshment stall at Macc Forest Visitor Centre - added separate page for Nice Nosh. Added printable route cards to walks pages.

June 2007: Met local photographer Wayne Molyneux at Trentabank visitor centre - added links to his photo galleries.

January 2007: Started uploading first draft of macclesfield-outdoors.