Hare Hill

Hare Hill is a charming woodland with a delightful walled garden, spectacular rhododendron and azalea displays, and a holly collection of national repute. The previous owner of the garden was a great rhododendron enthusiast and steadily introduced them into the garden from 1960 onwards. The climate and soil has allowed them to flourish here. The National Trust has replaced many of the common purple variety with more colourful and exotic varieties and has extended the season for visiting the garden by planting roses, lacecaps, euchryphia and hydrangeas. In the spring there are snowdrops, daffodils, a huge clematis montana, Skunk Cabbage and magnolia to see. The walled garden with its numerous climbers features a large lawn, including a wire man on horseback sculpture. The main feature of the garden however is the collection of over 50 hollies, silver and golden leaved and yellow and orange berried varieties, including the rare Highclere holly.

The garden was owned by Col. Charles Brocklehurst until his death in 1981. Col. Brocklehurst was advised by the plantsman, James Russell. The Georgian mansion was sold by the National Trust in 1978 to help finance the running of the gardens.