There is a strong running community in Macclesfield. I know, because runners pass our house (on Prestbury Road) all the time! Regardless of your age, fitness level, aspiration, background, or location you can benefit from being a part of Macclesfield's running community. Enthusiastic local runners help and encourage more people to run, and to run more often. Macclesfield and its immediate neighbourhood provides all sorts of running environments, from the running track at the leisure centre, through safe pavement / road running, quiet lanes, to the more extreme fell runs up Teggs Nose and around Macclesfield Forest. On the Links page there are links to several sites, detailing local running routes, running partners and more.

The local running club, Macclesfield Harriers, has been in existence for more than 100 years. They enter and host fell races, relays and championships, including organising the Teggs Nose race, the Roaches, and the Forest Five. They compete across the NW in a variety of road races including the Cheshire grand prix. They organise annually two important road races, namely the Macclesfield Half Marathon and the Langley 7. In the 90ís after a lot of fund raising, and working with the local council, a successful lottery funded bid was achieved to allow a permanent 8 lane T&F facility, complete with purpose built clubhouse, to be sited behind the leisure centre.