Take a Walk in the Macclesfield Area

Explore the stunning scenery of the picturesque countryside around Macclesfield, where the Cheshire Plain meets the Peak District. There are hundreds of footpaths, along riverbanks, over hills, through the forest, along canal towpaths, across wild moorlands. Hike up to White Nancy, the iconic Grade II listed folly that dominates the surrounding countryside, with views across the Cheshire Plain as far as the hills at Helsby, and sometimes beyond. Walk through the legend filled woods of Alderley Edge to Stormy Point. Or if you are looking for something a little less strenuous, take a stroll around one of the area’s formal gardens, such as Hare Hill. Explore one of the many waymarked trails around Macclesfield Forest (pictured here). Stroll along the Macclesfield Canal towpath on a warm afternoon, and stop off at one of the several excellent pubs or cafés within easy reach of the canal. Or if you’re feeling energetic, stride out along the Gritstone Trail, a 35-mile route that stretches from Disley to Kidsgrove, and takes in some of the finest views and ridge walking in Cheshire.

The walk routes presented here follow many different rights-of-way: quiet lanes, way-marked trails, bridleways, concessionary paths and public footpaths. Each walk follows a circular route (starting and finishing at the same point). An additional set of pub walks (also circular) are included that start and finish at some of my favourite pubs in the Macclesfield area.

The local Ranger Service organises guided walks, and in addition there are three walking groups in the Macclesfield area, all with healthy walking calendars: