Bollington Nostalgia Trails 1

If you go walking in and around Bollington, you will come across these trail markers:

They are often tucked out of site, so that you don’t see them until after you’ve walked past them. They are screwed to gateposts, walls and stiles, along footpaths around Bollington. These trail markers were originally put up by the Bridgend Centre in Bollington. The Bridgend Centre have established a set of 8 ‘Nostalgia Trails’ in and around Bollington. As an additional interest while walking around the trails, you can spot the trail markers - there are 20 or so per trail. For each trail a map and directions are available as a pack from the Bridgend Centre, at £2 per trail. I do recommend all of these trails, they are fun to follow, and you will discover a lot about the heritage of Bollington.


Trail 1 is the ‘Bee Happy’ trail, a 4 mile introduction to Bollington taking in Middlewood Way and Canal.

Trail 2 is the ‘Ribbon of History’ trail, a 4½ or 6 mile walk investigating sights, sounds and scents around Harrop Valley.

Trail 3 is the ‘Written in Stone’ trail, a 3½ mile walk to Bollington’s famous landmark White Nancy, exploring the theme of quarrying in Bollington.

Trail 4 is the ‘Revolving in Time’ trail, a 4 or 4½ mile walk to Rainow looking at the mills and agriculture of the area.

Trail 5 is the ‘Drifting through the Past’ trail, a 7½ or 8½ mile walk via Bakestonedale which explores mining for coal and fireclay.

Trail 6 is the ‘As the Crow Flies’ trail, a 5½ mile walk to Higher Hurdsfield looking at changes in the environment.

Trail 7 is the ‘Travelling in Time’ trail, a 5½ mile walk to Adlington exploring the theme of transport.

Trail 8 is the ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ trail, a 6 mile walk to Butley Town looking at aspects of social history.